This is my blog detailing the development process of my year 3 final game project Hacker Ball. Most of the Blog is shown through my digital portfolio that I have linked within each relevant blog page. These are split up into various headings so you can easily navigate to each phase of development, the headings for these phases are as follows:


This section shows the work produced from different tech workshops that are designed to help us learn new ways of designing our games and improving programming skills.


This section shows all the research undertaken into different subjects  in order to reach a main point of research to carry forward into generating many game ideas and eventually a final game idea.

Game Ideas:

This section shows the  various game ideas and design choices I came up with  and includes the process of developing prototypes for these ideas and how I got them.

Game Design:

This section talks about the process for my final game designs of Hacker Ball including the art style and puzzle mechanics.


This is my Project Proposal Document, there will be different versions of this as the development process goes on. This details my overall game and many other aspects of that game idea.

Game Development:

This section details the development of the actual game in the final phase of my major project. I will show the technical side of the game with the coding along with the artistic side including the visual designs and animations.


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